Disability-related lawsuits find new targets

Since at became law in 1990, there’s little doubt that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has helped make public buildings and businesses more accessible to the disabled. At the same time, however, brick-and-mortar businesses have long complained about the cost of ADA compliance, and claim that many ADA-related lawsuits are more about making moneyContinue reading “Disability-related lawsuits find new targets”

Do I really have to worry about the new European privacy rules?

Is it finally time to pay attention to European efforts to regulate privacy? At least according to pwc, the answer is yes. Let’s face it – many Europeans regarded the former “Safe Harbor” as a loophole big enough to drive a truck through, and many US companies quietly agreed by effectively ignoring it. The GDPRContinue reading “Do I really have to worry about the new European privacy rules?”

You’re running out of time!

Quick, I have dinner, you handle the rest!When I say you’re running out of time, you may think I’m referring to time needed to buy presents, drawing the absolutely incorrect conclusion that I have not yet purchased a suitable present for my wife. I have. It’s just that she changed the ground rules on meContinue reading “You’re running out of time!”

German court decides Parents can’t access deceased child’s Facebook account

A German appeals court has decided that the Facebook account belonging to a deceased minor cannot be accessed by the deceased minor’s parents, according to German business website Handelsblatt. A couple in Berlin sued for access to the Facebook records of their daughter after she was killed by a subway train in Berlin, hoping toContinue reading “German court decides Parents can’t access deceased child’s Facebook account”

At the rate we’re going, we’ll soon be traveling with books and cassettes

Let’s not go here againAs I watched the luggage carousel spin slowly around I was pretty well aware what I would see there – nothing, or at least nothing which belonged to me. We had barely made our connection in Frankfurt, after circling for hours, and the only thing which made it through to PhiladelphiaContinue reading “At the rate we’re going, we’ll soon be traveling with books and cassettes”

State of Incorporation

Europeans often think that they are catching up to the US, at least in terms of harmonized and consistent laws, but in many instances our system is actually more federalized than that of Europe. Whereas you can now form a European corporation, US corporations are formed under the laws of a particular state, rather thanContinue reading “State of Incorporation”

Germany’s DeNIC offers (a bit) more privacy for some registrants

With the increasing focus on privacy in Europe, and ongoing challenges to the US-European “Privacy Shield” agreement, domain name registrants from Europe see domain names as (yet another) weak link in privacy rights. They wouldn’t be wrong in that – in order to protect domain name registrants in the case of the failure of aContinue reading “Germany’s DeNIC offers (a bit) more privacy for some registrants”

So long e-signatures, it was nice to know you.

We recently bought a house or, more accurately, a bank bought a house which we own a teeny-tiny part of. That, of course, resulted in an unending series of requests by mortgage companies, banks, title companies, realtors, sellers, etc. for signatures on long and seemingly duplicative documents. In most of those cases, our signatures wereContinue reading “So long e-signatures, it was nice to know you.”

How about Estonian law with your morning cuppa’

This is, in fact, the Supreme Court of Estonia. Who knew? It’s not often you start the morning with an international legal dispute, and that before one’s morning coffee. This morning, from the kitchen, I was treated with the dulcet tones of my wife arguing with the London Times about cancellation of her online subscription.Continue reading “How about Estonian law with your morning cuppa’”

A cold wind on privacy

Whaddaya mean you’re calling the game? Standing outside in the chill of what passes for “spring” these days, with a cold breeze numbing the end of my uncovered ears (it’s SPRING for God’s sake), I listened to my fellow soccer parents discussing the merits of the Senate’s recent vote to rescind the FCC’s as-yet unimplementedContinue reading “A cold wind on privacy”