Privacy Shield Struck Down

Max Schrems has become quite the thorn in the side of United States business, and it’s just gotten worse. The European Court of Justice today struck down the EU-US Privacy shield, one of the two primary methods by which European companies can transfer personal information of EU citizens to the United States. Otherwise, under Europe’sContinue reading “Privacy Shield Struck Down”

Do I really have to worry about the new European privacy rules?

Is it finally time to pay attention to European efforts to regulate privacy? At least according to pwc, the answer is yes. Let’s face it – many Europeans regarded the former “Safe Harbor” as a loophole big enough to drive a truck through, and many US companies quietly agreed by effectively ignoring it. The GDPRContinue reading “Do I really have to worry about the new European privacy rules?”

At the rate we’re going, we’ll soon be traveling with books and cassettes

Let’s not go here againAs I watched the luggage carousel spin slowly around I was pretty well aware what I would see there – nothing, or at least nothing which belonged to me. We had barely made our connection in Frankfurt, after circling for hours, and the only thing which made it through to PhiladelphiaContinue reading “At the rate we’re going, we’ll soon be traveling with books and cassettes”

Germany’s DeNIC offers (a bit) more privacy for some registrants

With the increasing focus on privacy in Europe, and ongoing challenges to the US-European “Privacy Shield” agreement, domain name registrants from Europe see domain names as (yet another) weak link in privacy rights. They wouldn’t be wrong in that – in order to protect domain name registrants in the case of the failure of aContinue reading “Germany’s DeNIC offers (a bit) more privacy for some registrants”

How about Estonian law with your morning cuppa’

This is, in fact, the Supreme Court of Estonia. Who knew? It’s not often you start the morning with an international legal dispute, and that before one’s morning coffee. This morning, from the kitchen, I was treated with the dulcet tones of my wife arguing with the London Times about cancellation of her online subscription.Continue reading “How about Estonian law with your morning cuppa’”

A cold wind on privacy

Whaddaya mean you’re calling the game? Standing outside in the chill of what passes for “spring” these days, with a cold breeze numbing the end of my uncovered ears (it’s SPRING for God’s sake), I listened to my fellow soccer parents discussing the merits of the Senate’s recent vote to rescind the FCC’s as-yet unimplementedContinue reading “A cold wind on privacy”