DMCA – I’ve sent a notice, so now what?

Once you’ve sent your DMCA takedown notice, the host will likely do one of three things: Ignore the notice Ask for additional information or for missing wording Forward the notice to the customer and request that the materials be removed The first option, ignoring the notice, is typically a bad idea for hosts given theContinue reading “DMCA – I’ve sent a notice, so now what?”

DMCA – A few things to remember

In the last post, I told you how to prepare a DMCA Takedown notice, but I also mentioned a few caveats. Some of those are: As I’ve said before, make sure you have all of the elements of the notice. It’s really not that hard. In a similar vein, don’t lard up the notice withContinue reading “DMCA – A few things to remember”

DMCA – The takedown notice

Since we’re on the topic of the DMCA, I thought I’d put together a primer on the DMCA takedown and notice procedures. As I mentioned in my last post, the takedown procedure offers a quick way for copyright holders to have their materials taken offline while reducing the risk for internet hosts and service providersContinue reading “DMCA – The takedown notice”